Texas Tribune Festival

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Presidential candidates, political players and pundits headed to Austin in October 2016 for the sixth annual Texas Tribune Festival. The signature event of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, non-partisan digital media organization that focuses on Texas politics, the festival is held over three days on the University of Texas campus each fall.

We worked with the festival from start to finish, including promoting the festival regionally and nationally to drive ticket sales and sponsorship in the months leading up to it; coordinating hundreds of interviews before and during the festival; creating suggested talent posts for social media; organizing media onsite; and sending attending media and news outlets a daily “What You May Have Missed” recap.

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What We Did

It was especially important for our team to ensure that media sponsors secure their desired interviews, which required a nimble and well-coordinated effort—with at least one golf cart on call at all times to get around the spread out festival. Our team whisked everyone from New Mexico Gov. and presidential candidate Gary Johnson and Texas Senator Wendy Davis to meet with journalists within the time constraints of their schedules.

The festival received more than 350 million media impressions from local, regional and national media and the media sponsors said they had secured more interviews than in any years past because of our team hustle. The Texas Tribune has expressed that they look forward to working with our team in 2017 because of our organization and strategic thinking and the resulting media coverage and sponsor benefit fulfillment.